Garage Decancq Tielt
Spare parts store
The decision was for 2 Lean –Lifts with:
• a width of 2060 mm
• 25 containers per lift
• an output switch with Lista drawer cabinets for “fast moving parts”.

The Lean-Lift is an automated storage system in which the height of the shelves is adjusted by a lift mechanism so that much more storage volume can be achieved on a far smaller footprint than with conventional shelving and racks.

Here the lifts are integrated into the basement level so that maximum use of space can be achieved. They are used for “small items & medium moving parts”.

These lifts are fitted with cameras by means of which the contents of every container can be visualized from the PC.
These 2 lifts hold a total of 9,000 units.

The Kitting option enables an article set to be compiled which is always the same for the maintenance of a specific type of car depending on the number of kilometers driven (Maintenance Service).
It is therefore possible to pick a complete maintenance set with a single order button.

The current inventory data of the lift can be consulted on a PC in the office. It is also possible to view the photos of the contents of the containers there. For this, however, the PC must be connected to the network.
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