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Pfeiffer Metalltechnologie GmbH


Safe, secure and convenient tool storage in the Hänel Lockomat®!

Pfeiffer Metal Technology relies on a Hänel Lockomat® lift system for storing cutting tools and equipment used to process profile aluminum. The system is installed directly next to the company’s central tool depot in order to save floor space for additional warehousing needs.

The Hänel system provides maximum storage capacity by utilizing the complete vertical height of the building.

In addition to the Lockomat®, two Hänel Lean-Lifts® provide space-saving and protected storage for large tools, equipment, jigs and fixtures.
'The Hänel Lockomat® safeguards a wide range of tools with effective access control. We are extremely satisfied with our Hänel solutions, and the service is outstanding as well.'

Robert Pfeiffer,
Chief Executive

 The Hänel Lockomat® has a height of five meters and is installed adjacent to the separate tool preparation area. All storage transactions are seamlessly controlled with TDM tool management software

Direct communication with the tool management software solution

The Lockomat® is connected to the IT network via Pfeiffer’s independent tool management software.

Every product scheduled for production has a specific item number and its own list of tools needed to complete the job. Employees are responsible for compiling lists of all the tools that are required for the production process.

Once confirmed on the computer, the tool management system sends the tool request to the Hänel Lockomat® via the IT network. The item and job numbers are displayed on the Hänel control terminal.
 A graphic on the touch screen of the Hänel control unit shows exactly where requested items are located

The Hänel Lockomat® offers well-organized storage with secure access

The lift brings the requisite tool to the access point and automatically opens the specified compartment door on the system container.

The Hänel compartment and sub-level indicators show precisely where tools are located on the container. The Hänel MP 12 N control unit also displays the shelf number and compartments in graphic format.

When the employee confirms retrieval, the transaction is complete and the Lockomat® compartment doors close automatically.

Access-protected storage in the Hänel Lockomat® safeguards valuable tool inventories!
 Employees only have access to those compartments containing the tools specified on their list
 Two Hänel Lean-Lifts® in the production area store other equipment that is retrieved using transport carts
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