The Hänel USB stick
Our products at a glance, neatly and clearly laid out, so that you can find what you want faster.
It couldn‘t be easier – plug the Hänel USB stick into your computer and off you go.

The USB stick has two partitions. In the ‘Hänel live’ drive, double-click on the ‘HaenelStart’ folder icon to start the presentation. Here you will fi nd up-to-the-minute information about the company, Hänel system advantages and Hänel products.

Films and animations showcase the many system advantages of our products in a way that is easy to understand.

To fi nd more detailed information about the Lean-Lift®, Multi-Space®, Rotomat® industrial storage carousel, Rotomat® offi ce carousel and Lockomat®, or about our control systems and software, just click on the links. They will take you straight to the right Hänel web page.

On the second partition ‘YOUR DATA’ – you have more than 3.5 GB of memory to store your photos, videos, music and so on.
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