Intelligent HänelSoft® add-on modules
for a wide variety of storage management needs
Module / Function
010 Additional workstation (client)
License for additional screen-based HänelSoft® workstations.
020 License for connecting additional lifts
The basic package includes the license for two lifts.
100 Automatic article number assignment
New article numbers are automatically suggested by HänelSoft®.
110 Bin Types
Definition and assignment of bin types to shelves within the managed storage area, allowing the operator to request a specific bin type from the control system.
120 Inventory correction
All the inventory data for an article can be modified with this module. A special change journal is used to log these changes.
130 Inventory valuation
The “article status“ of the stock is without units and can be used, for example, as the processing status of the articles. An article can have multiple stocks in the store with varying article statuses. Each article status can be assigned a value.
In the simplest case, the price of an article can be given as its value. In this way the statistical evaluation can be used to determine the value of the store in terms of certain articles or storage areas.
200 Job management including parts list management
Pick and put lists are created, imported and processed. Materials can be reserved and stockouts displayed.
201 Job optimization*
Boosts order picking performance by simultaneously positioning the shelves/trays of multiple storage units.
205 Collective orders
The module contains 2 variants for combining orders.
Collective order:
Multiple orders can be combined into one collective order. In this case the quantities requested for identical articles are added together and the total quantity retrieved.
Batch order:
Multiple single orders can be combined into one batch order. In this case the individual items remain assigned to the original orders. With the route-optimized retrieval strategy, the different retrieval quantities for an article are picked consecutively. The control system display shows the user the necessary information (job number, number of the picking container, etc.).
220 Automatic HOST communication
Time-controlled, automated data exchange with the host system.
230 Inventory
Generates count lists for continuous or periodic inventory that are processed directly at the lift control unit. Stock-taking journal for export to the HOST system.
240 Access code management
User management with the added feature of access rights to individual lifts or parts of lifts. Identification can be carried out at the lift keyboard.
250 Management of external shelves
Trays that have been removed can be buffered in an external storage place (e.g. assembly site). The article stocks remain assigned to these trays. Used quantities are subsequently booked in the system.
260 Article cross-check
This module helps to reduce the number of pick or put errors. For each storage lift and procedure it is possible to define whether the article number should be re-entered for verification purposes. The storage/retrieval quantity can only be booked if the article number is correct.
261 EAN code (also GTIN or UPC code)
HänelSoft® supports the EAN code. The EAN code can also be used as an alternative in the input field for the article number.
300 Batch management
Certain articles can be identified as batch articles and stored with the batch number. The articles can be retrieved with or without the batch number being specified.
310 Input of booking fields
Input of individually configurable booking fields directly at the lift control units.
320 Expiry date/time
An expiration date can be defined for each article. Articles that have expired are barred from retrieval.
330 Minimum storage time
A minimum storage time can be defined for each article. Only when this period has elapsed can the article be retrieved.
400 Article picture
A picture is assigned to the article master record.
410 Shelf picture
Each time a pick or put operation is booked, an up-to-date photo is taken.
500 HänelSoft® server for mobile terminals
Basic module for connecting mobile terminals via W-LAN.
510 Client license for mobile terminals
Workstation license for each portable terminal.
600 Label printing
Different label layouts can be defined in HänelSoft®. Each HänelSoft® user terminal (e.g. a lift keypad, a HänelSoft® screen or a mobile terminal) can have a corresponding label printer assigned.
For a high degree of flexibility, it is possible to select a specific label type for each operation (storage, retrieval, order picking, etc.). This label type is then printed at the respective printer.
The label layout is freely selectable; graphics or logos can be incorporated.
*only in conjunction with job management
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