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The Hänel Rotomat®
‘Vertical carousel technology’ – simply brilliant
The structural design
Self-supporting steel plate casing, comparable to the cellular structure used in the aircraft industry. Lockable, smooth-running sliding doors. Environmentally friendly powder coating, as well as impact-resistant and shock-proof stove enamel finishes. There are 5 attractive colors to choose from. Customized finishes are possible.
The intelligent control systems from Hänel
Powerful microprocessor control units offer the possibility of hooking up to computers and other peripheral devices, giving you an optimal overview at all times.
The operating principle
The Hänel Rotomat® creates an enormous amount of filing space on a small footprint. It works on the Ferris wheel principle, i.e. the archives come to the operator, not the operator to the archives.
Hänel service worldwide
Hänel operates internationally and has branches and distributors on all continents. It is supported by an extensive service network under centralized control.
The drive system
400-V three-phase motors (other voltages and frequencies possible, as well as single-phase AC connection). Pole-switching three-phase motors are used as standard, enabling gentle but powerful acceleration and braking even under different load conditions.
The safety
Hänel ensures maximum safety by using ergonomic safety threshold switches and lightbarrier curtains compliant with DIN EN 15095.
The pluses
  • Optimum use of floor space. There are no upper limits to the Rotomat®.
  • The Rotomat® is as flexible as you need it to be. Even systems with multiple access points on different floors are possible.
  • Goods to man is the motto instead of man to goods. Time is saved and access times reduced.
  • High-performance controllers and interface with IT systems make the Rotomat® flexible and adaptable to customized applications.
  • The requested part or tool is brought automatically to the ergonomic retrieval height.
  • Safety has top priority. No ladder-climbing, no risk of accidents.
  • The Rotomat® protects all the parts from dust, light and unauthorized access.
  • Elegant design and five modern colors to choose from. Customized finishes are possible.
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